Tons of Kids Fun and Games at Our Indoor Playground!

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It’s kids’ fun and games everywhere you look at Kidz Village! Our unique, multi-level indoor playground offers your child a world of activity, exercise, interaction and imaginations all in one place. From our huge indoor climbing structure with many slides, bridges and tunnels to explore in fast-paced kids’ fun, to our over 12 themed play rooms for creative learning and ‘playing pretend,’ Kidz Village offers a big collection of activities to suit all kids’ interests and abilities.

What’s Your Child’s Play Style?

Is your child a bundle of energy, with a love of climbing, sliding, jumping and running? Our Kidz Village Playground will be this child’s favorite place to get high-energy exercise, build physical skills, be brave and explore.

Does your child love knights and dragons? That’s Kidz Kastle, providing the chance to visit a time of castles and fairytales, fantasy and adventure.

If your child is the quintessential girly-girl, a visit to Trinity’s Salon can transform her into a stylist. Or, she might go right to Alek’s Tool Shop for a game of pretend treehouse-building and tool-wielding.

If your child loves superheroes, head right to Chris’s Comics, a brightly-colored comic book ‘shop’ where kids can explore their favorite superheroes latest adventures.

The littlest children can tool about in Guppies Toddler Town, or play house.

And of course, there are arcade games suited to both older and even the youngest children, where game skills earn win tickets for prizes. 

Check out each of our Attractions to see what your child can look forward to in our indoor playground and kids’ activity center.

It’s easy to see why this indoor playground for kids is also one of the best places to have a birthday party for children. Whether you’re planning a girls birthday party or a boys birthday party, Kidz Village can make the most of any kids birthday party!