Enjoy the Thrill!

Play for Prizes at the Arcade Games Center

For kids fun with parental approval, our Arcade Games center features 30 non-violent arcade games as a kids activity that revs up their excitement level…especially since many of our games deliver win tickets that kids can collect to trade in for fun prizes.

In addition to video games, we also offer old-style favorites like Air Hockey and Skeeball that may bring back wonderful memories of your own shore vacations and endless hours spent in arcades yourself. Now, you get to play with your kids, and watch your kids take on each other in kids’ fun games at our indoor playground center.

Games like Disco Duck and Dance Dance Revolution are familiar kids’ fun favorites that will get them moving and showing off their dance skills in this kids’ fun and games area.

Kids Birthday Parties and the Arcade Games Center

When your kids’ birthday party takes place at Kidz Village, the arcade center will be a place where all of the birthday party guests can converge to play the games of their choice, from old-school Skeeball to kid-friendly video games. Kids’ get to make their own choices, and have their own kids’ fun, rather than be stuck in a party room bored by a single planned activity at a less-fun party than one held here. Given the chance to personalize their own play, kids will have a much better time and your child will go back to school hearing raves about his or her ultra-fun birthday party.

What to do with all of those prize tickets? Kids can either trade in their own tickets for their own prizes, or everyone can combine their win tickets to get a bigger prize that they’ll give to a friend who was sick and missed the party. That’s a great lesson for kids!

Birthday Memories Start Here

Check out our Birthday Party Packages and start planning a fun-filled, arcade gaming-style party for your child!