Fun and Games at the Grocery Store

The Kidz Village Grocery Store

You might not think of supermarket shopping as a wonderland of fun, but your child sees kids’ fun games and exciting attractions everywhere! At our indoor playground in New Jersey, kids get to ‘drive’ their own little shopping carts, filling them with realistic grocery items from fruits and veggies to boxed mini cereals and other toy foods and drinks they get to select themselves. It’s great kids’ fun to pick out their own items, then take them to one of our two, fun working cash registers stocked with “Kidz Kash,” giving children the opportunity to practice their counting skills as they ring up orders and use their math minds to give back change.

Kids’ fun mixes with smart learning here at the Grocery Store, and since it’s likely your goal to instill healthy nutrition choices in your child, imagine how happy you’ll be to see your little ones filling their carts with our colorful, realistic-looking play fruits, veggies, and other non-junk-food choices!

Your Kids’ Birthday Party Starts Here at the Grocery Store

Our indoor playground for kids presents the unique kids’ birthday plan of pretending to ‘shop’ for the birthday party menu items here at the Grocery Store! Kids will have fun playing ‘party host,’ picking out an amusing pretend party menu of broccoli, apples and cereal in this fun first stop on the way to your private party room for kids.  

After the kids pretend to shop at the market, your birthday child and guests can then stop in at the Kidz Kastle to fight off dragons.

Our friendly and energetic staff can help you custom-plan your kids’ birthday party ‘stops’ throughout our indoor kids’ playground and suggest kids’ fun activities along the way.

Check out our Birthday Party Packages and start planning a fun-filled, themed party for your child!