Knights, Dragons and Spongy-Ball Launch Attacks

Kidz Castle

At Kidz Kastle, kids travel in time back to the days of knights and castles, fighting imaginary dragons with our fun kids’ activity of launching safe spongy balls using our ten stationery ball launchers. In imaginative play, kids can become heroes as they fight off the impending fiery attacks of great winged beasts.

The Kidz Kastle backdrop adds an extra element of imagination to the children’s indoor playground, as one of the most unique elements of Kidz Village. Kidz Kastle is accessible to children 4 and up, and as kids launch their spongy balls (or, as they may see them, balls of fire) they learn a great lesson about trying, trying, trying again until they hit their target. Eye-hand coordination is also a benefit of this fun kids activity, making fun and games a skill-building event.

Kids’ Birthday Parties and Kidz Castle

When your child’s birthday party takes place at Kidz Village, the kids’ party group can ‘battle’ in this safe arena split up into two teams of knights competing or sharing the task of defeating those dragons. Both girls and boys compete as knights, and the older kids can help the younger ones with the launching (again, a valuable lesson in this kids’ activity!)

Your child’s birthday party theme can be built around knights and dragon-battles! Our team can help incorporate a knights theme into your entire celebration, with such ideas as naming the kids’ birthday party menu fare with a theme twist, like ‘Knight’s Potion’ for healthy fruit juice, or pretending to be knights and pulling out our swords on the way to the party room.  Then pretending to be fire breathing dragons when we “freeze dance”. 

Birthday Memories Start Here

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