Great Fun and Exercise!

So Much Kids’ Fun at the Kidz Village Playground

Our indoor playground provides hours of active kids’ fun, with its huge layout of climbing structures, slides, bridges and tunnels that kids can climb and slide through, with you safely looking on from the nearby parents’ area. Our suspended bridges are made with safe, clear netting on the bottom so that you can see your child moving through them, and so that you can communicate with your child if he or she needs a message from you.

The colors of our indoor playground structure are bright and stimulating for kids’ excitement levels, and we make sure that our Village Playground is always clean and safe while in use by our happy kid visitors. As your kids climb and play, you can snap lots of fabulous photos to share on your social media pages!

Our repeat visitors say that their kids learned important lessons about bravery here, often overcoming an initial hesitation to climb a ladder or slide down the slide, but soon their kids were zipping up the indoor playground structure and flying down the slide with no more fears!

Fun for All Weather

When the weather is terrible outside, such as during a stormy, snowy winter, Kidz Village is open and welcomes you to bring your kids for active fun. The playground fun and games are tremendous fun for kids with lots of energy to burn…and you probably want them to burn off that energy outside your house! 

You’ll also enjoy having your kids unplug from video games and get active, socializing with other kids! And you get to socialize with other families as well!

Birthday Memories Start Here

Choosing Kidz Village as the location for your kids’ birthday party, means you don’t have to worry about the weather! No more worrying about rain, heat, kids’ outdoor allergies or anything else that outdoor parties present…our indoor playground near you makes any day a perfect day for a party!

Check out our Birthday Party Packages and start planning a fun-filled, themed party for your child!