Kids Have Fun Playing School

School Time!

Playing school has always been a fun kids’ activity, with kids taking turns being teacher and student, and at our Woodbridge location, our School Time kid’s fun center adds a high-tech improvement to the way kids play school.

School Time at Kidz Village offers touch-screen learning computers containing over 100 educational, learning games that are a fun kids’ activity with lessons built right in. The kids are playing and learning at the same time! This kids’ attraction fosters a sense of curiosity and problem-solving thinking, which parents love to see as part of their kids’ daily activities. As a part of our indoor playground, School Time adds an educational element to a full day of kids’ play, and kids are excited to use our touch-screen computers and take on the challenges they discover.

School Time Makes Kids’ Birthday Parties a Hit!

Since some schools no longer allow kids’ birthday parties the way you might remember your own – with parents bringing in treats and class time devoted to kids fun and games – School Time at the Woodbridge Kidz Village lets your child experience a fun birthday party shared with classmates! Your child can plan the ‘lesson of the day,’ or a spelling bee or trivia game, and while the ‘students’ are learning and playing, one of our creative staff members can play ‘Principal’ and ask trivia questions on numbers, shapes and colors while having fun in our private party rooms.
Bring in your child’s favorite book and the party host can read it out loud to the kids.

Your child’s birthday party will be fun and educational!

Birthday Memories Start Here

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