Playing House is Fun

The House at Kidz Village!

Kids love to play house! At this themed play room in our kids’ indoor playground center, kids will have a blast playing Parent with plenty of baby dolls and accessories that will let them feed their baby, take their baby for a walk in a play stroller, or rock their baby to sleep in a kids’-size play bassinet. This fun kids’ activity lets your child play the part of a doting, caring mom or dad, and teaches lessons about nurturing and being gentle with a new baby. Imagine how adorable it will be to hear your child singing a lullaby to her little baby! Get those video cameras out, because you’re going to want to capture the kids’ fun in this room!

And you might also want your camera ready to capture your child playing at household chores, making ironing and laundry fun kids’ activities that might just get them interested in being a little parents’ helper when you get back home!

Kids’ Birthday Parties are In the House!

At our northern New Jersey and southern New Jersey Kidz Village indoor playgrounds, we’ve helped create sweet kids’ birthday parties that include a stop at The House for playing with dolls. In an age when kids spend a lot of time playing video games, it’s refreshing to see kids unplug and play with dolls! A kids’ birthday party can feature fun kids’ games like asking each child what she’s named her doll, and taking great photos of all the birthday party guests cradling their chosen dolls. 

As part of a kids’ birthday party adventure in our indoor play center for kids, a visit to The House will provide lots of fun for kids who love to play with dolls, and our collection of sweet, lovable dolls and accessories will give them lots of kids’ fun options for imaginative play.

Birthday Memories Start Here

Check out our Birthday Party Packages and start planning a fun-filled, house themed party for your child!