Kids Have a Blast from the Past

Kings – 1950s-Style Diner

Elvis hasn’t left the building, because The King’s Diner is filled with Elvis memorabilia and ’57 Chevy-style fun at our play diner modeled in a classic 50s motif. Kids and parents can go back in time to this truly unique addition to our kids’ indoor playground, where our authentically-designed diner invites kids’ fun as they ‘work’ our fully-equipped play kitchen and pretend to serve pretend meals to their friends and family. Kids will love using their imaginations, playing the part of the diner host, cook or server, and put on a show of preparing ‘specialty dishes’ that they can make up. They can name a burger after themselves, or dream up silly toppings for their play French fries, all in a bright, colorful and 1950s-fun kids’ activity center that gets them cookin’! And as play owner of the King’s diner, they also get to practice their money and counting skills when they bill their customers and make change for their orders.

Rock Out a Fun Kids’ Birthday Party at Our King’s Diner!

As one of the most captivating theme rooms at our indoor playground, the King’s Diner delights both boys and girls with the fun 50s décor, classic car style, and the kids’ fun activity of running the place on their own! Parents will love this room as well, which makes it a fun start to your boy’s birthday party or girl’s birthday party, especially if you choose to have our friendly and experienced staff bring a 1950s or Elvis theme into your child’s birthday celebration.

The party starts here, and then kids can be set loose to explore our indoor playground in groups free to check out any of our Attractions for ‘free time’ the kids will love! And the King’s Diner is one of the areas of our indoor playground that parents enjoy most!

Birthday Memories Start Here

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