Take A Fun Ride At The Kidz Village!

It’s Time for a Race at our Cars Attraction!

At Kidz Village in Woodbridge, kids’ fun takes off with our race track and ‘race cars’ that are actually sit-skates that children operate by moving the handlebars back and forth. Kids zip around our safe environment in their ‘cars’ that are just two inches off the ground, without the use of a motor or pedals. They’re working their sit-skates on their own, safely and with ease, getting terrific exercise in this kids’ fun activity.

Plus, they can build a healthy sense of competition and good sportsmanship by racing their own friends as well as the new friends they make in our indoor playground around the track! If your kids have a need for speed, or just love a good racing game, our Cars attraction is the perfect kids activity!

Plan a Cars-Themed Kids’ Birthday Party Near You!

Cars are a popular kids’ birthday party theme, so think of our Kidz Village star attraction as a great way to add some excitement and a unique kids’ fun activity to your child’s birthday plans! Our friendly staff members can help you incorporate additional cars elements into your child’s birthday celebration, and when our team asks about your child’s favorite car-themed ideas, we’ll help you plan a personalized kids’ party to delight your child and his or her party guests. Choose “Cars The Movie” plates, napkins and cups and a car cake.  We can pretend to drive a car in the “parade” on the way to the party room and do trivia on your child’s favorite Cars characters.

Birthday Memories Start Here

Check out our Birthday Party Packages and start planning a fun-filled, cars themed party for your child!