Movie Time!

Take in a Kid-Friendly Short Movie at Kidz Village!

A movie theater at an indoor playground? Sounds too good to be true, but we have it here at Kidz Village! Your child can take a breather from all of that super-high-energy, active play throughout our indoor playground for kids and head to our Village Cinema to watch kid-friendly short films.

We give an authentic movie theater experience with real movie theater seats and a lifelike mannequin at the ticket booth, ready to take kids’ movie tickets, and the movies play all day! Your child can rest up and relax, laugh through our kids’ fun movie presentations, and then head back out into our kids’ indoor playground and kids’ activity center for Round 2, or 3 or 4 of new kids’ attractions.

Birthday Fun at Village Cinema!

At Kidz Village, it’s so much fun for kids’ birthday parties to include watching several kid-friendly short films in our Village Cinema. After your child’s birthday guests get their run of our indoor playground for a while, everyone can gather to take a seat in our theater for a resting time that’s still fabulous fun for kids.

It’s not often that kids get to go to the movies with a big circle of their friends, and it’s a kids’ dream come true to mix that amazing kids’ fun activity with so many others in our many Attractions. In one party, your child can ‘take’ his or her friends to the movies, to a 50s diner that rocks, and to an arcade – as well as through our challenging but safe indoor playground climbing structures. It’s like having four party destinations in one here in our northern New Jersey and central New Jersey locations! 

Birthday Memories Start Here

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