Keeping Our Little Visitors Safe

At Kidz Village, we take safety very seriously. We want your child to enjoy all of our kids fun and games at our indoor playground without any risk of injury or illness, so we’ve put into place a large number of safety precautions that give you peace of mind as well.

First, every Kidz Village location in northern New Jersey and central New Jersey was designed to give parents a clear view of their kids inside our indoor playground complexes. Our “center of town” area gives you a comfy place to sit and enjoy our free WiFi if you need to check in with family or work, and from that locations, you can easily supervise your kids on our indoor playground climbing structures. We’ve also arranged easy views of your kids in all of our play rooms.

We also take extra precautionary measures from the moment your enter the kids attraction:

  • Check in/out system at front desk numbers all guests
  • Everyone must be buzzed in/out of the kids indoor playground by a team member at the front desk
  • The front desk is manned by a team member at all times
  • Security cameras ensure that all guest activity is being monitored for safety
  • Adults must be accompanied by a child
  • Selected team members are trained in child safety procedures like CPR, First Aid, and Code Adam
  • The Kidz Village indoor playground is designed as an open play facility where parents and guardians can monitor children at all times
  • Our dining area is located in the center of the indoor playground complex so parents and guardians can enjoy refreshments from our restaurant while still keeping an eye on children
  • Security bars are featured on every exit door
  • Every section of the “village” is equipped with large windows and doors to view children
  • Every counter top, shelving, or raised play surface has rounded corners to prevent serious accidents
  • Mirrors have safety baking
  • Central station fire alarm in place

Cleanliness: Kids Safety from Germs

In addition to keeping your child safe from incidents, we also make cleanliness a top priority. Our kids indoor playground is sanitized daily, to keep all surfaces clean and germ-free, to help prevent the spread of cold and flu viruses and we provide multiple Purell dispensers throughout the facility. Our staff adheres to both daily and hourly cleanliness checklists, and our excellent cleaning staff performs completely spotless cleaning regimens nightly after closing.

Our staff is constantly monitoring the indoor playground complex to be sure that there are no slipping or tripping hazards.